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What to expect if arrested in El Segundo and being held in the El Segundo City Jail:

     The Booking process in the in the El Segundo Police Station Jail will take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours and could be potentially longer if their booking traffic is greater.

All inmates in the El Segundo City Jail will remain in custody at the station until there first court date (arraignment) unless there are medical concerns, such as a requirement for medication or medical attention.

Please Note: Inmates will be transferred if they have out of city or out of county warrants. If the warrant is out of ity the inmate maybe transferred directly to the Policing agency from where the warrant is out. If the warrant is out of county than the inmate will be transferred to Los Angeles County Jail.

The El Segundo City jail is set up to handle both male and female inmates. 

If you have a loved one who is being held in the El Segundo City Police Station Jail, contact All American Bail Bonds in El Segundo @ 310-207-2245. All American Bail Bonds is a full service Bail Bonding Company who will provide you with immediate bail information and can expedite the release process of the inmate at the El Segundo City Jail., How All American Bail Bonds can Help!                                                             

 Here at All American Bail Bonds our belief is that everyone deserves an opportunity to use their right to Bail. All American Bail Bonds has been writing bail in the El Segundo City area as well as the surrounding cities of the South Bay for over decade and with our policy of "You Work You Bail," we will do our best to find a Bail Bonding Plan that meets your needs. With Bail Bonding offices throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County and a Bail Bonding Network of Licensed and Bonded Bail Agents throughout the country let All American Bail Bonds serve You!

0 Down Bail Bond Financing Available

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All American Bail Bonds offers payment plans with as little as no money down, we offer 0% financing for all those who qualify. Minimum requirement to obtain a $0 (Zero) down bail bond is you must be employed, employment will be verified by paycheck stubs and payments will be determined by credit history as well as job history.
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Don't Let Collateral be an Issue!
Often we receive calls from potential clients who have been turned away from other bail bonding companies for a lack of collateral. Collateral for a bail bond with the El Segundo Bail Bonds branch of All American Bail Bonds is not normally required as long as good job history can be provided.

We will often write a bail bond on the guarantee of Signature alone (Signature Bail Bonds) Please click on Signature Bail Bonds for a better understanding of what Signature Bail Bonds are.

If you find yourself in need of a bail bond or have just need bail information on an inmate in El Segundo city or the South Bay, please call El Segundo Bail Bonds (DBA All American Bail at 310-207-2245. Local Bail Agents are always on standby and are ready to be there when needed.

About the El Segundo Police Department:

El Segundo Police Station
The El Segundo Police Station address:

348 Main Street
El Segundo, California 90245
Business Line: 310-524-2200 (24 Hour)

Department Services Offered:

  • Provide front desk and general public information Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Police lobby is      closed on Sundays.
  • After Hour Utility Payment Center
  • copies of reports to all involved parties.
  • Traffic accident DMV SR 1 forms Provided.
  • Facilitate vacation requests from the community for extra patrol.
  • Ticket sign off services for some equipment violations.
  • Bicycle Licensing.
  • Dog Licensing.
  • School Resource Officer
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Every 15 Minutes Program
  • Cadet Program  
  • R.O.A.D
  • S.A.R.B

  • The listed Goals of the El Segundo Police Department:

    We will focus our efforts toward reaching three specific goals during the coming year. Stated here in their simplest form our goals are:

    • To improve the quality of life for our community
    • To enhance the professional image of the police department and its employees
    • To impact crime levels

    Chief of El Segundo Police
    Current Chief of Police in El Segundo:

    With a distinguished career of over 34 years with local law enforcement, in which he has served in nearly every capacity on the El Segundo Police force, the chief continues his dedication to the good people of El Segundo as their Police Chief. Chief Tavera stepped up to the position of Police Chief  back in early 2010 during on of the most difficult times that the Department has seen in recent years with massive department cuts.

    Below is the crime report for El Segundo

    About the City of El Segundo:

    The City of El Segundo was incorporated on January 18 1917 and is just South of Santa Monica and is one of the Beach Cities that make up part of the South Bay.

    As of the Federal Census, the population of El Segundo was 16,654 up from 16033 in the 2000 census.

    According to the Unites States Census El Segundo city has a total area of 5.5 square miles of which 99% is land.

    El Segundo Cities policing authority is the El Segundo Police Department and the Fire authority is the El Segundo Fire Department.

    Area Codes in El Segundo Ca:


    Zip Codes in El Segundo Ca:

    90245 (only zip Code within city)
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